Prayer of the Entrepreneur

Nature is the true investor in every deal we make,

We mere stewards, even of our own creations,

Ask how we might better serve the greater good,

For our debts be paid in this way or

     a bankrupt world be left for future generations.


In the business world, how often we close our hearts for

     fear of losing what we think we want,

     while what is most important slips quietly away.


Open our hearts, that our work be guided by our love for what

     we truly treasure:

            The clear water of the brook,

            The freshness of the breeze,

            The splendor of forests and sea,

            The taste of a ripe tomato,

            The sweetness of cow with calf, of sow and piglets,

            The beauty of all the children,

            The joy of community.


Give us faith in the abundance of the Universe

   and the courage to put aside fears of not having enough for ourselves,

   so that we may cooperate and share generously in building a new economy -

   one that serves the needs of all people,

            while considering the future needs of all species

            who share our life on Earth.


Grant us the ingenuity to find a role for every person to play in

     the building of our new economy so that all may experience

     the satisfaction of meaningful work well done.


Guide us in the decisions we make each day,

     remembering all living things are one, divinely interconnected,


Entrepreneurs for the common good,

     we are served when we serve all,

     please bless us in our work ahead.



                                                                                    - Judy Wicks

Grace at the Table for Six Billion

Lets imagine that the “table for six billion” has become a reality where everyone in the world is gathered at one big table to enjoy life’s banquet in a world at peace and great abundance.  As we sit down to eat together we might join hands around the table and offer this grace:

Mother Earth, heavenly Father, Universal Spirit who dwells in each of us,

Forgive us for the harm we have done to our planet and

the plants and animals who live here with us,

Forgive us for the harm we have caused each other.

Thank you for giving us the courage to put aside our fears of not having enough for ourselves so that we could make room for everyone of us around this table of great abundance and nourishment,

Thank you for the compassion and creativity it has taken to find ways to produce this food while respecting the needs of other living beings and future generations,

Thank you for helping us find ways for each of us to be included in the preparation of this great feast so that we can all join in the satisfaction of meaningful work well done,

As we gather in Beloved Community,

Bless this food we now eat with the greatest joy,

Grateful for the love we see all around us in each and every smiling face. 


  Written by Judy Wicks