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Philadelphia Inquirer, November 2016

Philly restaurateur Judy Wicks to serve Thanksgiving dinner to Standing Rock protesters

CLEM MURRAY / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER   Artist Lou Ann Merkle (left) and Judy Wicks, late of the famed White Dog Cafe, hold a banner Merkle painted that they will be taking out to Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota to stand in support of those protesting the pipeline. Wicks has arranged donations to feed 2000 people a Thanksgiving dinner. The word Wopila means Thanks in Lokato language. Photo taken November 21, 2016.

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Judy Wicks is studying her cellphone, checking the app that tracks the amount of electricity her solar panels are generating versus consumption.

She coordinates her activities based on what the graphs on the phone app show her.

"I cook when the sun is at its highest point," Wicks said, as a cloud moved in front of the main source of energy for her house in the city's Fitler Square neighborhood. Ditto using hot water for showers, dishwashing, and laundry.

Since March, rooftop solar panels have been generating enough electricity to keep her Peco Energy Co. bills down to about $7 a month, Wicks said. Read more...

ALTERNET, March 2016  

When attending meetings with peace and justice activists, I often find myself the only business person in the room. Inevitably, someone makes a comment about the evils of business, or greedy capitalists, or some other negative comment that implies business people are read more...

Generocity, February 2016

Interview with Judy Wicks/Generocity

White Dog Cafe and Sustainable Business Network founder Judy Wicks has started a network of funders for low-income entrepreneurs called the Circle of Aunts and Uncles.  Read more...

eco RI News, May 2015

PROVIDENCE — The benefits of independently owned businesses are nothing new, but a growing movement called “localism” is showing that they not only create positive economic benefits but also can drive positive social and environmental change. 

One group championing localism, Oakland, Calif.-based BALLE,

Food and Water Watch, April 2015

Philadelphia's polluters are trying to bring even more dirty and dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure to our city, threatening our local sustainable economy and the life of our citizens.  

In the early 1970's, my block of victorian brownstones faced demolition to make way for a strip mall.  Compelled to save our homes read more...

Grand Rapids Business Journal, February 2015

The term farm to table didn’t even exist when local food movement pioneer Judy Wicks opened the White Dog Café in Philadelphia in 1983.  Wicks began her restaurant using locally sourced produce and within a decade, began incorporating locally sourced and humanely raised meat products as well.  Wicks will be more...

Weekly Press Cover Story, June 2014

Gold-medal winner of the 2014 Nautilus book Award - Business Leadership for "Good Morning Beautiful Business" More...

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Grid Magazine, Cover Story, May 2013

Our 50th Issue, featuring Judy Wicks, Is Out Now! More...

Pittsburgh City Paper, Blogh, March 2014

The much-honored, much-interviewed Judy Wicks visits The Big Idea Bookstore to talk about the environmentally sustainable, locally based “new economy” … as well as her new book, Good Morning, Beautiful Business (Chelsea Green).



Creating a community: Author works toward a sustainable community

Judy Wicks had an easy day at the Pennsylvania Women’s Agricultural Network symposium held last week at The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel. She gave the opening keynote address and then situated herself for a book sale and signing in the hallway.

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Judy Wicks Threatens to Give Business a Good Name, January 6, 2014

I was recently invited into the cozy Philadelphia row home of one of the great entrepreneurial minds and hearts of my generation. By almost any measure, Judy Wicks could be perceived as a progressive, aging (sorry Judy) hippie, clinging to her 60s values, bent on saving the world from the ravages of modern capitalist/corporate culture. More...


Philadelphia Inquirer, March 13, 2013 Business Cover Story:

At 65, Judy Wicks has reached a sometimes stamina-challenged age - yet another reason the pioneering Philadelphia entrepreneur should relish her new career as an author.

Granted, it will soon involve an exhaustive run of signings of her memoir, Good Morning, Beautiful Business, due in stores April 3. But at least Wicks won't have to sprint through the streets chasing thieves. More...


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Philadelphia Magazine, March 2013:

Q&A: White Dog Cafe’s Judy Wicks
On her new book, her favorite Philly restaurants, and why she used to think that profit was a dirty word. More...