Judy’s speaking engagements focus on the topics of local living economies, responsible business, and the role of the feminine in building a new economy. 


Her keynote presentations at numerous conferences provide insight and inspiration concerning the deep connections between local food, ecology, economy and social justice.  She generally speaks solo for 45 minutes and then takes questions, but is agreeable to other formats including panels and interviews.

To request a speaking appearance please send an email to info@judywicks.com and include the following:

  1. Date and time
  2. Length of talk and format
  3. Topics to cover
  4. Name of organization and event
  5. Venue with address
  6. Expected size of audience
  7. Opportunity to sell books
  8. Other relevant details concerning the event
  9. The honorarium being offered

A complete list of Judy’s prior speaking engagements is available by clicking here.

Judy Wicks is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and mentor working to build a more compassionate, environmentally sustainable and locally based economy.